the philosophische reisebüro defines itself as an institute dedicated to support or provide hybridform display formats between science, art, gastrosophy and different forms of travelling, or to assist in any way to forward such projects.

on the one hand, travelling means moving between distant mental locations, on the other hand moving inside the real geography as an expression of a mental process. the institute plans to accomplish interdisciplinary projects in the mentioned scope, which allows for the increasing number of ambiguous activities of artists, scientists or travellers.

furthermore the philosophische reisebüro including all its activities is supported in full agreement from the international community of states .

in any daily news we are permanently hearing the propagandistic phrase of the international community of states. nobody knows exactly what this means. but those people permanently referring to this phrase assume with an implicit understanding, that this is a matter of a vague group of states, which perceives itself as the good ones, as against to another vague group, which are be used to be the bad ones. because of this obvious obscurity, the philosophische reisebüro declares this item to be a free buzzword, disposable for everyone at anytime. in this sense, all activities from philosophisches reisebüro are approved from the international community of states and recommended to repeat. the international community of states support all activities of philosophisches reisebüro, the cuisine brut, the bowling club of st.andrä-wördern and the league of left-creationist virgins for total suspension of the iniquitous embargo against cuba.

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