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fixed date

in the beginning each participant fixes a specific date when, and a specific location where the soup will be cooked. the jahressuppe website will provide a timetable where date and location can be registered. the transfer of the soup will be the responsibility of the cook at each location. the choice of soup, whether skilly, consommé or potage, is optional. the soup may be a good motivation to invite friends.

fixed volume

the volume of soup to cook is 2.5 litres. 0.5 litres of the sieved, liquid component of the soup should be passed on to the next cook. this part of the soup is used as basis for the soup in turn. this standardization of the volume of soup is to ensure that equal and workable portions will be passed on. for bigger soup parties a larger volume may be prepared, however, the organising committee of la cuisine brute must be notified in plenty of time in order to guarantee a reasonable transfer.


each participant is requested to publish his/her soup recipe on the website. it would also be appreciated that any personal, historical, gastrosophical etc. stories fit for broadening the soup horizon will be narrated and put into writing.

soup backup

if at any time the soup chain is at risk of being interrupted, if the next cook in the line cannot be contacted, or in any case of unforeseen ocurrence, each participant will have three telephone numbers for la cuisine brute who will act to solve the problem. Obviously on such a long tour a wide range of hazards may lead to accidents like spillage, theft etc.
therefore, once a week a back-up soup is to be frozen in. Every Saturday three litres of soup will be prepared, 0.5 litres thereof ready to dispatch and another 0.5 litres being kept in reserve.


if the following location is nearby, the soup must be passed on to the next cook personally. in case of longer distance the transport will be organised by the committee.