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the interventionist art project 'die jahressuppe', arranged by 'philosophisches reisebüro' together with la cuisine brut in the year 2008, successfully came to an end at 11th februar 2009.

• at 11th february paul bocuse aka götz bury cooked the last soup, nr. 366 at the roma:lounge in vienna/ottakring. gallery: impressions from the final party

• within a contemplative ceremony the remaining half litre was poured into the river danube to be diluted in the waters of the seven seas and finally gets dissolved to indifinability. gallery: lomos by miriel

fully packed with recipes, movies, blogs, photographs, reactions, diaries and soup texts an art project ended, which made a respectable contribution in the broader sense of art for the european intercultural dialogue. the soup as a food of synthesis satiated and enjoyed about 5000 people and brought them closer together.

in 13 european countries people looked 'out of the bowl' made new experiences and recovered old traditions. against some stated concerns, the soup may become sour, grey or brackish, it stayed tastily until the end of its journey. in the last weeks, while travelling across vienna's multi ethnic kitchens, the soup was also enriched with manifold, non-European ingredients and influences.
the first soup from 12th february 2008 was part of the last soup with a dilution factor of 8.071-280.

the comprehensive documentation the jahressuppe album incl. DVD
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