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the idea of "jahressuppe" is based on the principles of dilution and continuity. to understand the principles of dilution and continuity you need to keep an eye on the following: at D1 (according to homeopathy) the initial information is boiled up in the form of carrots, celery and other ingredients.

taking 2.5 litres in volume, as an approximate average, and 0.5 litres soup of the remainder to be re-used, this remainder is diluted once more to a fifth on the third day we have 1/25 or 4% of the input of the first day, which yet contains the information of the three days’ total input.

after one week the contingent of the original soup is about a onehundredthousandth or more precisely 0,00128% and one year later only 1,8788*10252 gram, that means a number with 252 zeros rightside the point. at D366 – that is, after one (leap) year – an imagination of dilution and continuity of the cosmos is given.

for an illustration look at table of dilution and soup rate (flash movie)
or try our dilution calculator to calculate the dilution rate of any soup.