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cooking in europe

during its one year journey across European kitchens, the soup gathered a variety of stories, texts, experiences, that delivers a fascinating insight into the secret nature of this widely travelled food.

all turned out well, nobody kicked the bucket, each cook passed on the soup bowl, so the soup performed successful. what it meant, how it went forward and how it ended, all this can be read in the album. the highlights, the fanciest contributions, travelouges, adventures, gastrosophical researches and historical reports are worked out with images and texts to an artful documentation about this dilly project.

the jahressuppe-album is a story-and-picture book about the soup, but also a collection of the most fancyful and delicious soup recipes to follow, on the whole an uplifting vade mecum, whose essence turned out to be the act of hospitality.

additionally to the album a dvd is attached, where you can easily find all the recipes and the extensive archive of images and film documents.

the jahressuppe album incl. dvd € 22,–
€ 19,– special price for cooks
bilingual (german, english),
cut-flush binding, 230 p. approx., size 28x20cm,
editor walter meissl,
published by philosophisches reisebüro, vienna, 2009.
shipping costs: austria € 2,80 / europe € 7,30